Shape Memory Polymers: Magnetic Shape Memory Polymers with Integrated Multifunctional Shape Manipula

One of the most promising fields for shape‐memory polymers is the biomedical field. Shape‐memory polymers that can be triggered by various (physiological) conditions such as temperature and moisture have been reported, as well as remotely triggerable shape‐memory polymers that make use of electromagnetic fields, ultrasound, etc. These polymers have shown great promise in in vitro studies as well as in early in vivo studies. Their biocompatibility, and in some cases biodegradability, renders them excellent candidates for minimal invasive surgery and for the design of triggerable biomedical devices. The current review provides a nonexhaustive overview of recent developments realized throughout the last decade in the field of shape‐memory polymers serving specific biomedical applications while considering relevant triggers and biocompatible chemistries.46fdbf2e9f06fa1a97107be554e502bc.png

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