The introduction of high-level talents from Northeast Electric Power University

Introduction conditions:
A professional talent with academic development potential who has obtained a doctoral degree from a well-known university or scientific research institution at home and abroad. The age is in principle 35 years old and below.
Introducing treatment:
1. Provide the working conditions needed to carry out teaching and scientific research.
2. Provide 1 set of transitional residential house that can live for 3-5 years.
3. Enjoy the school's doctoral allowance of 24,000 yuan per year, and the cumulative amount of 1,200 yuan per year to 36,000 yuan per year.
4. Provide 50,000 yuan for scientific research start-up funds.
5. A one-time settlement fee of 100,000-800,000 yuan will be provided, and the specific disciplines are as follows:
350,000-800,000 yuan: electrical engineering.

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